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LED Bulbs Suffered Decline In Their Global Average Retail Prices In January

According to LEDinside, both the 40W-equivalent and 60W-equivalent LED light bulbs suffered decline in their global average retail prices in January. The price of the 40W-equivalent dropped 3.3% from December to US$10.3, while the price of the 60W-equivalent ended up at US$14.1, amounting to a 2.5% monthly decline.

LEDinside analyst Allen Yu said that U.S. and European lighting vendors maintained their promotional pricing through the turn of the year in order to boost sales, so some products in those markets experienced significant price declines. In China, prices of LED light bulbs fell at a slower pace in January compared with the sharp drops in November and December of last year. Prices of most products have stabilized as many local lighting vendors are shutting down earlier for the Chinese New Year holidays. In Asia’s other regional markets, prices will remain in a downtrend.

The LED package market in China is also seeing a slowdown in trading as the country prepares for the upcoming holiday season. Some LED packages experienced sharper price drops in January.

(Source:LEDinside,LED Bulb Promotions Triggered Falling Prices in Europe and U.S.in January,February 2016)
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