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LED Bulb A60 5W 7W 8W 9W 12W

  • Features : Features : *Green Light LED ABulb & GBulb *High luminous efficiency *PC+Aluminum *Replacement of traditional halogen *Various Caps
Jadelight's LED bulbs are available in different shape and voltages. And its Led lighting is a great replacement of halogan and CFL lights, being energy-saving and less costing in long term. Jadelight's E27 and E14 bulbs are good option for distributors by meeting required quality and cost.


* Green Lightings LED A70, A65,A60 A55, G45,G95,G125 bulbs operating at universal voltage.

* High luminous efficiency, soft light and high color CRI.

* No noise and flickering free, soft light and high color rendering index.

* Same light source suitable for different caps: E14 and E27.

* Good heat outputting ability, light body is made of higher intensity aluminum materials.

* No electromagnetic radiation.

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